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Wills & Estates

Nothing is more important than family. Making sure your affairs are in order for your loved ones is something Skilled Law, LLC takes seriously, and we have the training and experience to help you cover all the bases.

Wills & Estate Planning

Feeling Secure in the Future

Planning for what happens after you're gone can be overwhelming, but knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of is exactly the type of security we all need in these trying times. Contact Skilled Law, LLC for help in planning for the future.

Simple Wills

If you have minimal assets or most of them are already designated as payable on death to a loved one, a simple will might be the only estate planning step you need to take. This is a good method to provide for small personal bequests and to list out your preferred funeral and burial arrangements, and creates a Personal Representative to administer your estate. Contact SKilled Law LLC for a quick, efficient plan for creating your simple will.

Trusts and More Complex Estate Planning

If you have a number of assets, minor children, or other dependents, creating a trust to provide for their care in the future and later disbursement of bequests may be right for you. We can also evaluate tax planning strategies to make sure your assets are protected.

Power of Attorney and Advanced Directives

If you need help drafting documents to provide for your financial, legal, or health care in the event of a traumatic injury, debilitating accident or disease, or other unknown events, Skilled Law, LLC can quickly and easily guide you through drafting the appropriate documents.

Wills & Estates: List
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