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Skilled Law, LLC Up-Front Pricing

Transparent, Affordable Fees

Skilled Law, LLC provides a number of high quality legal services for a great value. 

When you contact us by email, text, or through the contact form, we will respond as quickly as possible with any questions we have about the services you are seeking. Once we are able to get a handle on that information, we will respond to you with a flat-fee quote if it is at all possible for the services you require. While most firms utilize hourly billing to maximize profits, Skilled Law, LLC prefers to keep fees transparent and up-front in order to provide the greatest value to you.  

Our goal is to ask the right questions up-front so that we can understand the full scope of the representation you require and provide you with one affordable rate for the entirety of the representation. If the service you require somehow makes this impossible, we will discuss other pricing options. 

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